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About Us

U Ventures is an established company consisting of a team of young professionals. We aim to provide quality services in the aspects of accounting, secretarial and tax incentives including but not limited to, book-keeping, incorporation of company, financial planning, and tax savings.

U Ventures seek to create an environment for businesses to thrive through our support in Singapore’s regulatory frameworks. Through our services, start-ups can focus on getting their businesses of the ground without worry of spending unnecessary time amassing info about required procedures. Instead, we will provide information as well as updates to streamline the business operations.

We provide our clients with information and training when needed with regards to accounting practices, book-keeping methods as well as tax matters, such as GST and corporate tax. This gives our clients, be it start-ups or established companies, an advantage by keeping ahead in their industries. We also help source for grants and tax-savings alternatives to further improve the financial standing of our clients

A stands for Approachable

Every client has varied needs and concerns. We believe that a good understanding of our clients’ needs enables us to provide impeccable service tailored to each client. Hence, we strongly believe in being approachable as that allows us to connect directly with our clients. Being approachable means our accounting professionals are always ready to engage in meaningful conversations with our clients and answer any queries that they may have. Turning down queries is not in our books, and will never be.

C stands for Care & Concern

At U Ventures, our clients are regarded as important assets and we highly treasure the relationships formed. We truly care for our clients and treat every business as if our own. We are committed to making a positive difference and attaining the best outcome for our clients. To us, such care and concern is key to finding the optimal solution for our clients’ needs.

E stands for Effective & Efficient

We are always striving to meet our clients’ needs in the most effective and efficient manner. We believe in seeking new ways to constantly improve our operations and processes, which ultimately benefits our clients.