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In Singapore, it is compulsory for companies to submit their Annual Returns to the governing statutory board within a time frame after their financial year. This relies on the timely and efficient generating of financial reports & statements. Otherwise, fines and penalties will be incurred.

Therefore, every company must engage proper book-keeping practices. With proper book-keeping, the records of business transactions are kept readily accessible and easily comprehensible, and the same efficiency is brought over to the accounting aspect of your company.

At U Ventures, we make use of reliable solutions to assist you in preparing your company accounts. Our myriad of products and services aim to provide speedy and timely reports of the following:

Profit & Loss statements (monthly/quarterly/yearly)

Balance Sheet statements (advice & comments on areas that require attention)

Bank reconciliation

Fixed Assets List

Debtors List (Aging & Detail)

Creditors List (Aging & Detail)

Other Balance Sheet Items listing

Journal Ledger

General Ledger

GST returns (if applicable)

Cash flow projections (if applicable)


No need for accounting staff

Readily available professional advice

Selected personnel privy to confidential financial information

Range of products & services

Monthly Accounting

Quarterly Accounting

Yearly Accounting


Usage of Softwares such as Quickbooks or Xero

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